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We will be migrating our email group list to Google Groups, a mailing list which will allow everyone to stay in contact more easily, and we won't have to keep track of everyone's email addresses anymore. Either enter your email address above or visit the group's page to subscribe!

2015 Prep Task List & Crew Schedule Posted

A 2015 Prep Task List and Crew Schedule has been posted to the Rose of Nelson Google Drive (

Rose Recommended: List of Things to Bring

We have compiled a list of items that you should bring to the Festival and on the boat. Check it out, and feel free to let us know if you have things to recommend adding!

You can download the list (in Adobe PDF format) here: Rose Recommended: Things to Bring.

Revised Medical & Waiver Forms

We have reviesd our two main forms, and they are now available online.  You can download the new forms (in Adobe PDF format) here: the new Waiver of Liability and Release form, and the new Emergency Medical Information form.

Instructions for Sewing Shirts & Drop Front Breeches

You can download the scanned instructions and print them (in Adobe PDF format) here: Get ready for the Festival and start making your 18th Century Work Shirt, and Drop Front Breeches.

Archived Information from Previous Years